Branded products and private label products. By offering both we have a product range for all.


Boxby is our brand dedicated to the pet specialty channel. Boxby offers an exclusive range of premium quality fresh meat-based and semi-moist snacks and treats. By combining our meat treats with semi-moist products we can cover all life stages (puppy/kitten, adult, senior) for dogs and cats. There are more than 50 different products and is therefore the broadest premium range in the market.

Our Boxby brand is all about offering premium quality. If we feel it’s not the best product out there, it’s not a Boxby product. That is also the reason for selling Boxby only to the pet specialty stores. With the best products, you want the best service and advice.

The key to the Boxby range is offering nutritious and healthy products that support the development of healthy bones, digestion and overall health of cat or dog.

Boxby is exclusively sold via selected partners in 23 European countries. All our partners emphasise the Boxby key values: quality, innovation, health, advice and partnership. By tracking market trends we notice the market is changing. That is why we are keeping our range up-to-date with natural, hypoallergenic, single protein, grain free and functional products.


With Mr Goodlad we can offer supermarkets and discounters around Europe an luxury brand with a full range of dental and training treats for dogs. Mr Goodlad’s positioning is focused on the right balance between price and nutrition. Therefore the pack size varies from 50 gram up to 3,5 kilogram. It also includes month packs available for all shapes, sizes and ages of dogs.

Mr Goodlad also covers all life stages (puppy, adult, senior) for dogs. In 2016 Mr Goodlad’s packaging has been refreshed and it’s product range with over 40 products is even more broad than before. It is the bench mark for all semi-moist, natura land meat snacks in the market.

Miss Purfect is our new luxury brand for cats in supermarkets and retail. Miss Purfect has been developed in close cooperation with Wageningen University to bring out the best in our products and to deliver the best palatable products to our cats.

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

Within Scholtus we are committed to act responsibly, ethically and with integrity in dealings with our staff, customers and other stakeholders.

We minimize the health and safety risks to our staff, visitors and neighbours. But also to the pets that consume our products. We are a proud owner of the IFS and BRC 8 certification.

By dedicating our management time to promoting sustainability, health and food safety we control a stable environment for our customers, the industry and a wider environment.

Within Scholtus we are determind to train our complete staff in food safety, every year again.

By reducing our sugar levels and increasing the protein levels in our treats with a significant amount we are fighting obesity in dogs and cats. We are only capable of keeping our responsibilities by working closely together with our partners and our network within the industry.

Because we believe in a strong education and training, we offer internships within all disciplines in our company. Working together with a university and several colleges helps us build a bright future.

Packaging waste and plastic waste has become an important topic for improving sustainability and is essential for sustainable growth. The packaging of our consumer products fulfils many different functions. Primarily the packaging protects the consumer goods from external influences and ensures hygiene, shelf life and safety for the products. Besides that, packaging plays an important role in the purchase decision of the consumer through attractive packaging design and shelf appeal. Nevertheless we have ambitious goals related to the development and use of our product packaging. This includes minimize packaging amounts, increase the use of renewable materials and developing packaging that is recyclable.

Regional sales

Our sales strategy is focused on building stable relationships with our customers. This in order to develop trust and respect, all to help our customer build their business. Therefore we work together with local partners and staff who understand the different cultures in Europe or the USA. With a sales manager for every region, you are always in contact with the same person. Each sales manager is being supported by one of our back office employees.

Over the years we developed a broad and strong knowledge of opportunities and challenges in the different markets. We can easily benchmark different countries and sales channels. This combined with our innovative capabilities enables us to develop and offer a succesfull portfolio with our partners and customers.

Our broad product portfolio within the brands and combined with our wide range of in-house production and packaging capabilities for private label, results in both innovative and efficient solutions for our customers.

Category management

Measuring the results. Tracking Trends. Evaluating the results. Thinking ahead. Brainstorming together to find the best solution. This is how we at Scholtus develop and support our partners in developing their product range and product categories.

Our sales and marketing team will advise you at all times in getting the right products on the shelve. All to fulfill your demands and optimizing the results.

Private label
Our experienced R&D team is here to develop your products’ recipes and look & feel. Our design team is here to design the desired packaging. All to fulfill your demands and optimizing the results.