Our brands

  • Boxby natural treats
  • Boxby functional dog treats
  • Mr Goodlad
  • Miss purfect
  • Pets taste
  • Natures taste

Scholtus Special Products B.V. is leader in snacks & treats for dogs and cats

Scholtus’ Philosophy

Our pets are important to us, just like our customers. By developing a relationship in category management and offering concepts rather than “just products” we try to support our customers the best way possible.

Our philosophy


Scholtus' History

From 1981 until now Scholtus Special Products B.V. has been a growing company. In the 1980’s we started with the production of natural treats. In the 1990’s we started producing private label semi-moist extruded products. Early 2000 was a new chapter for Scholtus when we moved to a new production unit.

Brands vs Private Label

We at Scholtus Special Products B.V. are pleased to cooperate with larger retailers in developing their private label products so that we can keep supporting them in growing their business. We can also offer you branded products. Boxby is our main brand with an exclusive range of fresh meat-based and semi-moist snacks and treats.

Our services


Scholtus Special Products B.V. plays a leading role in developing and supplying the highest quality, most healthy and innovative treats for dogs and cats, for all life stages.


Scholtus Special Products B.V. is a leader in snacks & treats for dogs and cats. We deliver high quality nutritious solutions for dog and cat and add value to our customers by supplying innovative products and concepts. Our methods include category management to support the best performance of our customers’ business.